September 2020

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Nexus to Launch tokenized Puerto Rican Tax Credit Exchange “PRTX” Through Strategic Collaboration with DANKO Holdings

Puerto Rico Tax Credit Exchange

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO, September 30, 2020 / – Nexus Decentralized Capital Markets is pleased to announce a financial and strategic partnership with DANKO Holdings LLC to launch the Puerto Rico Tax Credit Exchange “PRTX”, a The private peer market on the Nexus platform will be launched on by mid-November.
Once activated, PRTX will provide a venue to assess and process tax credits on an “as issued” basis and provide efficiency and transparency as a clearinghouse for investors and taxpayers, with all transactions recorded. on a blockchain ledger.
Stephen Inglis, CEO of Nexus, commented, “We expect the creation of the Tax Credit Exchange will play an important role in the relocation process to help businesses move their operations to Puerto Rico, navigate and monetize them. generous tax incentives. Puerto Rico’s Law 60 tax credit program covers all aspects of investing, including pharmaceutical manufacturing, alternative energy, hotels, construction, film financing, and R&D. PRTX will build a community with law and accounting firms, as well as companies bringing investments to the island. ”
David Kovner, partner of DANKO and new CFO of Nexus, said: “We recognize that the creation of PRTX on Nexus will bring profound benefits to Puerto Rico’s economy and that peer-to-peer tokenization technology can then be applied as a wider application for investments in alternative assets ”
Daniel York, Managing Partner of DANKO added, “The PRTX product represents DANKO’s inaugural investment in Puerto Rico as our pipeline of exciting projects and new partners on the island grows.
Inportal Kanga Nexus LLC, headquartered in Old San Juan, has offices in New York and Gdansk, Poland. It was formed by a merger of AI Capital LLC, aka Inportal,, providing compliance, agreement creation and INPR token issuance protocol capabilities, with Adwell Media Inc., owner from Kanga Exchange, https: // kanga. exchange, an active cryptocurrency exchange with trading algorithms and distributed ledger capabilities. Nexus is unique in that transactions are carried out on a peer-to-peer, investor-to-issuer basis.
About DANKO Holdings, LLC
DANKO Holdings, LLC is a boutique investment, management and origination company with offices in New York City, as well as Ocala and Palm Beach, Florida. Holdings are primarily focused on breakthrough technologies and products sourced from an exclusive network of relationships and industry experts. They currently have stakes in agriculture, healthcare, advanced coatings, green energy, blockchain, and consumer goods. They provide early support for people, ideas and technology that can have a significant impact globally on pressing environmental, health and social challenges. They believe in bringing profit and goal closer together for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.

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