Nigerian rating agency partners with European fintech to revolutionize credit risk

DATAPRO, a technology-driven Nigerian Credit Rating Agency (CRA), is using an out-of-the-box approach and disruptive app to collaborate with Modefinance, the first fintech agency in Europe.

The collaboration focuses on revolutionizing and modernizing the credit risk analysis and management industry in the country with “Tigran”, a rating product as a service (RAAS).

Head of Product Innovation Support Services Ademikun Adeseyeju said the partnership supports the use of artificial intelligence technology, advanced analytics and big data to automate their clients’ internal authority matrix. and their customers’ RAAS products.

Adeseyeju explained in a statement on Thursday that the new credit scoring tool is aimed at banks, financial institutions and businesses.

According to him, users generate credit ratings (and also ratings) of counterparties.


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He said he did this through risk identification, integration of KYC activity, reconciliation of exposures, financial analysis, cash flow generation,
probability of default (PD), expected loss (EL) and loss given default (LGD).

Modefinance, headquartered in Italy, is a special financial advisory company
now available in-house, saving time and money.

Tigran as a predictive and modular solution for risk management is ideal for banks, sensitive analysis, debt capacity formulation, cash flow analysis and portfolio analysis.

Adeseyeju further explained that the system combines the roles of rating, financial ratio rating, quantitative analysis, information, virtual risk approval and forecasting functionality.

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