Sharjah Chamber Discusses SME Credit Report and Score

Sharjah: Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), represented by “Tijarah 101”, held a webinar in cooperation with Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECP) to discuss the importance of credit report and score EFCA for SMEs.

The webinar covered a variety of topics, including the comprehensive credit protection solutions provided by Al Etihad Credit Bureau to help businesses improve risk management and make the right decisions when interacting with customers.

HE Mohammad Ahmed Amin Al Awadi, Managing Director of SCCI, Marwan Ahmed Lutfi, CEO of Al Etihad Credit Bureau, and Mona Omran Ali, Director of Small and Medium Enterprises Center (Tijarah 101), took part in the virtual event. Also present were members of Tijarah as well as a number of entrepreneurs from the United Arab Emirates.

Discussions also focused on how SMEs can regularly improve their working practices to meet the needs of various industry sectors and why it is important for them to understand the duties of financial institutions and the acceptability of their credit files. The online meeting also discussed how SMEs can take advantage of a variety of benefits and opportunities offered by EFCA.

Major contributor

Al Awadi stressed that the webinar is part of the chamber’s continued efforts to support Sharjah’s SMEs, which are considered a major contributor to the national economy and one of the key pillars of the flexible, diversified and sustainable economic model. sustainability of the country.

“The online event touched on a very important topic, namely the importance of the credit file and credit score for small and medium-sized businesses, in order to foster the expertise of entrepreneurs and to empower them to advance their projects in accordance with best practices,” he said. added.

Al Awadi said the chamber is committed to providing business owners with all forms of support by launching creative initiatives that advance the entrepreneurial sector and achieve the goals of young people enthusiastic about leading. companies. In addition to providing them with the information and skills necessary to ensure the continuity of their initiatives, the chamber will work alongside entrepreneurs to support them and enable them to overcome any obstacles they may encounter.

For her part, Mona Omran Ali highlighted the importance of the webinar and its role in guiding business owners towards the right scientific methods in the financial transactions of their companies.

She noted that the Sharjah Chamber, represented by Tijara 101, will continue to organize courses and workshops in cooperation with strategic partners to support entrepreneurs in light of the rapid changes taking place in the business world.

It should be noted that the credit report is a collection of historical credit data from various financial institutions, utility companies, government agencies, etc., on individuals and businesses in the UAE.


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